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mental health and wellness

the practice of journaling for better living



Why You Should Be Journaling If You’re Unhappy

Writing helps us analyze our thoughts and understand our values, which is key to successfully paving the path toward independence, joy, and greater opportunity for ourselves.

kakikata is founded on the belief that our minds are our greatest asset and liability, and we must get in touch with our thoughts to have it help us, instead of hurt us.



  • Better sleep and relaxation

  • Improved holistic physical health

  • Quality and meaningful work

  • Organic manifestations of adventure and memorable experience

  • Purposive growth over time

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My goal is to help people adopt positive ways of thinking so they can find peace within themselves, and a powerful independence uninhibited by stress and discouraging inner dialogue.



A practice of daily journaling which will help you become more conscious of your goals, values, and vision so you can conquer your thoughts and live a better life.

By combining 3 different types of journaling (flow, chronicle, future) to analyze your thoughts, your writing will become a focusing activity and future tool for yourself. This consciousness will help you adopt productive modes of concentration for better quality work, attain fitness and nutrition goals, find a powerful independence within yourself, and live a life of progression by learning from others and your own past.

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kakikata: Types of Journaling


Chronicle: Why You Should Be Journaling If You’re Unhappy

Every day you write three good things that happened to you.

You should focus on your positive thoughts— what made you happy, excited, and shifted your mindset to have a positive outlook on your future and past.

Flow: The Habit To Adopt If You’re Searching for Opportunity, Good Luck, and Adventure

This should be messy, sporadic, intense, and brief.

Any thought you find value in you should write down—cool ideas, valuable lessons, pieces of advice, names of interesting people, different perspectives, new realizations, cool places, and anything goes.

Future: A Guide To Overcoming Your Doubts & Anxieties By Writing To Yourself

A focusing activity to control your anxiety, doubts, and fears.

The writing activity itself is a way to bring control and independence into your life, as well as become a tool in the future to read when you feel particularly lost.