My Story

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kakikata: “how to write”

Hi, I’m Kaki Okumura, and I use journaling to find calmness in my thoughts and take care of my wellbeing.

It all started when I started college, and I found myself at an emotional low and needed badly to find an outlet for it.

I am a romantic and idealist at heart, but my inner conceptions of my reality and actual reality were so skewed, that I found myself unhappy and dissatisfied even when I was surrounded by so much love and opportunity. My mind was easily swayed by other people’s online presentations of success and popularity, and it made me incredibly sad to watch them. I know that most people only share their best selves online, but that realization wasn’t enough to convince me that everyone else was living a much more fantastic life than I was.

It was only when my little sister bought me a journal as a Christmas gift that I finally took it into my own hands to get a real handle on my emotions and change the outlook I have on my reality.

I’ve always been an on and off again journal-er since elementary school, but my journaling was always a random activity, and never a focused one. Only when I changed it into a tool for mindfulness did this hobby turn into a practice which would improve my mental health and widen my opportunities for interesting experiences. I’ve since developed and changed the way I write to optimize the way I analyze my thoughts, which have in turn helped me get better sleep, take care of my physical health, produce better work, challenge myself, and expose me to adventures I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I’ve since decided to call my practice kakikata, which just translates to “how to write” in Japanese.


My fifth journal, but I still keep the photo I was given with my first one.

Taken before my flight back to New York from Tokyo.

I hope to share with you my practice, and hope you find similar mindfulness and joy.